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Saturday, April 3, 2010

We are under way!!

This is the '56 oval-window bug that will be gracing the road in a "rat rod" style instead of its more glorious fully restored condition.

Dillon giving me a hand---even though it looks more like he is just watching!!!
DAY ONE: Complete engine teardown to get parts ready for machinist. Over the years, I have always gone to Tom Bowman for my machine work. Since my last rebuild he has passed away from cancer. He was a very cool dude, did amazing work, and always treated me right. I will miss him and I am at a loss as to where to go for my machine work.

Yep, we will be a "V.W. Family" real soon. Since the bus needs so much work, and the '56 oval window bug will never be restored in my lifetime, I have decided on a new route. While I am restoring the bus, I will be driving the '56 oval in its natural unrestored state. That's right. Dented, rusted, parts missing-----all natural baby!! I have been dying to drive a V.W. lately since it has probably been six years. OUCH!!

Well, there was the one time when I was trying to get the white '66 bug back on the road a couple of years ago......
Its motor had died and I had a hard time getting things rolling on it. I happened across a used motor and plopped it in. The family was very anxious to go for a trial cruise, so we jumped in and tore down the road!! At about 15 miles per hour. There was something wrong with the used motor, and that was all the faster she would go. The wife was shaking her head, the kids were laughing, and I just slumped low in the seat and limped her home.
Today is a new and exciting day!! I completely tore down another motor to start from scratch. (I believe this motor has better Karma.) Monica even lent a hand. She helped with some motor-lifting skills. She gave me a fudge popsicle at one point. She made me lunch. That's true love.
When I get it back together, it shouldn't be long before we are cruising in our dusty, dented, decrepid, devoid of paint 54-year old car. Yee-haw!!

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