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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

YYYEEE--HHHAAAAWWW!!!!! We finally got out again!!

Denver, Dillon, and I on the trail. Can you believe how big they are getting?!
I am standing on a little rise, or else you would see that Denver is almost as tall as I am.

Simply beautiful. It gets harder to come home after every outing......

Isn't that a great fish!!? I could do this every day!!

I know it has been two months since my last posting, but I have been boycotting. That's right, I have been refusing to post until we went on another adventure. So here is my report.......

We went to Kinder's Crossing which is on East Clear Creek up on the Rim. At the end of October. Yes, it was cold when the sun went down. About 29 degrees. BBBBBRRRRRRRR!!!

Morgan had to cheer so she could not go this time, and that was a bummer. She adds spice to every trip. I made a video for her while we were there, showed it to her when we got home, and she laughed. You will have to ask her about it.

We caught some gigantic trout! It is amazing in how little of water they can hide! By the way, they tasted GOOD.

One of my favorite parts of getting away is the campfire. We sit around talking about whatever we want, laugh our brains out, cook yummy fixin's, and burn stuff. Awesome.

When the mountains call, I have to go. That is all there is to it. This was a new spot for us and it felt a little more untamed, I think. We will probably have to go to warmer places for the next little while-----except if it is just a guy trip.

This was also the first run with the Trooper's new clutch. It worked fantastically. I talked to Dennis about finally getting it done, and we had a good laugh. How long had it been going out? Over four years? Wow.