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Sunday, April 18, 2010

I can almost smell the oil dripping!!!

This is where I am being forced to work now. Beautiful Sedona. Pure torture. These balloons fly every morning over the job. Wow.

Look at the sweet steering wheel I got out of "The Rings' Ol' V.W. Shoppe". Nice. You can also see the new shifter, but you can't see the "speed shifting" kit underneath. Just imagine the theme song to "Speed Racer" in the background........'Go Speed Racer, Go Speed Racer, GO!!!!
Yep, I am working out of town again. Looks like maybe a month in Sedona. It is a project that has several different aspects to it. One of which, we have never done before. So it will be an adventure. (Again.)
I am very fortunate to have a loving wife that lets me come home on the weekend and tinker around on my old bug. So here comes another installment of "The Rust Rocket Rides Again!!"

DAYS 4 and 5: Over the years, I have scrounged up parts for my rides from around the yard. Well, it is getting harder to find the parts I need. Simple things like the proper nuts and bolts. Monica and I spent the better part of Saturday driving around trying to find the right ones. Hardware stores, Auto parts places, even Copperstate Nut and Bolt. Twenty bucks later, I still was short one bolt!! Brian and I even toodled around in a "You Pull It" junkyard. No bugs, but I got a couple of things for the Trooper.
Sunday, I decided to put on what I managed to get together. As I was bolting things on, I was digging through a box of hardware and I found the exact bolt I spent all day yesterday trying to buy!! Unbelievable. So, the tranny is in and ready to go. I also put on my crusty old steering wheel, and installed the shift linkage and shift rod with the "speed shifting" kit. Oh yeah, she is going to be a rocket!!!
I took the engine to a guy to start the machine work. He sounds really cool, and he is going to give me a pretty good deal. It will take a couple of weeks, which will give me a little time to save up some of that green stuff. It is all coming together.....Woo-hoo!!

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