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Monday, April 12, 2010

Incredible Trout Adventure

Road crossing Haigler Creek--(where the trout did not stand a chance!!!)

Trooper crossing the creek. I had to roll up the windows because the trout were practically jumping in!!!

Bryan wrestled this whopper, and many more, out of the creek over the weekend. He was using a brown and white spotted rooster tail in faster waters. He was like a Grizzly bear scooping salmon out of raging rivers. Well, kind of. (He is hoping to get sponsored by Mepp's so he can drop out of Lineman School and fish full time.)

Here are some members of Bryan's class at Lineman School. They had their spikes and they were honing their skills in the trees. I left out their names just in case A.P.S. or S.R.P. sees this photo.

Awesome weekend!! We went to Haigler Creek and had a really good time. We caught a lot of stockers, but could not get the grandpa fish to bite.
Bryan invited some of his classmates, and we had a really wild time. They seem to be a good bunch of guys, and they are very eager to get lineman jobs. At times, we were laughing so hard our faces were hurting. It was great.
The best part was when Bryan and I drove down to Alderwood and checked for some good fishing spots there. We did some hiking and found some really cool narrows, where the creek falls into some beautiful deep pools. These are typical along this stretch of the creek---here, just upstream from the campgrounds, and up at Fisherman's Point. I thoroughly enjoyed this time I had with my brother, and I look forward to more opportunities this year.


  1. Looks like fun.Are you going to take the family out next week end?

  2. That's a big Negative!!!! I spent all weekend fooling around with my bug. You know I got to have some serious spousal support to get away with that!!