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Sunday, April 4, 2010

Getting closer!!

Before: Shade built and ready to go!!

After: Tranny on the ground!!

DAY TWO: Remove transmission. The case on this one is broken, so I will have to replace it with one from The Rings' Ol' V.W. Shoppe.

As you can see, I had to set up a sweet shade to work under. It worked awesome!! Denver and I got extremely dirty climbing around the bug; cleaning it out and jacking it up. I really can not think of a better way to spend an Easter afternoon. Well, maybe hiking up on the Rim and fishing for some trout would be a little better.


  1. Does Denver have dibs on this bug? Hope he picks up some good mechanic skills working on this. You know us girls like a man with SKILLS! LOL

  2. Denver thinks he already has MAD SKILLS!!!! He also thinks he will be driving the bug to high school. Morgan thinks she will be driving it too. They both are in for some disappointment!